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Sweetener: Enzymatic Modified IceVia

- Compositions:
Pure enzymatic modified stevia

- Application areas:
Beverages (such as juices, drinks), carbonated drinks, instant powders and syrups, jam and jelly, cakes and bakery products and etc.

- Usage levels:
1/150 of sugar

- Direction for use:
No needs to dry mix and low shear mixing

- Potential benefits:
Natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana bertoni
150 times sweeter than
Enzymaticly debittered stevia without any bitter aftertaste
Without calory and suitable for 100% dietary and zero calory products
Zero glycemic index and suitable for diabetic patients
pH tolerant from 3 to 9 and perfect for carbonated drinks
heat tolerant from 0 to 200º c and useful for bakery products
Available in white powder with good solubility water

- Manufacturer:
Sinochem Qingdao co. (china)

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